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Logitech Gaming Gears for Sale

Gaming gears are important when it comes to FPS games. I have been playing Counter Strike for five years now, and formed Speed Attackers clan a few years back. My team has been using Logitech, X7/A4tech and Razer gaming gears and accessories. This includes mice, headphones and pads. We are now taking our gaming to […]

Fix FPS for Counter Strike

I have had some problems in fixing the FPS for Counter Strike on my PC, so I searched a lot, and found some useful console commands, which helped me fix it to 100 frames per second. How to reach the console prompt? Launch CS, then on the main screen, press ‘~’, and you would see […]

Counter Strike: SA Vs. IT clan

Speed Attackers (SA) defeated IT clan on Dust 2, in Counter Strike Sunday, October 11, 2009 – Lahore – Gamerz Zone Arena, organized a Counter Strike (CS) 1.6 friendly match between the Speed Attackers (SA) and IT clans. De Dust 2 was the map selected for the ultimate showdown. IT clan won the toss, and […]

Meet my CS Clan

I’ve been playing Counter Strike for more than four years, but never actually thought of forming a clan and to participate in tournaments. However, for the last six months, my cousins and I have been working on improving our CS skill. We haven’t had any luck so far, lost a couple of tournaments, but we’re […]

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