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“Key Binding” in Counter Strike (1.6) is an essential thing if you want to raise your game to the next level. When I started playing Counter Strike like five or six years from now, I did not know anything about that. I had a very good aim and hearing back then and I was confident that I could take anyone down in one-on-one battle (I wasn’t a team player back then :P). Read more »

Logitech Gaming Gears for Sale

Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

Gaming gears are important when it comes to FPS games. I have been playing Counter Strike for five years now, and formed Speed Attackers clan a few years back. My team has been using Logitech, X7/A4tech and Razer gaming gears and accessories. This includes mice, headphones and pads.

We are now taking our gaming to a next level, and therefore, are upgrading our gaming gears. We will not be using old ones then, so we thought we could sell it to you or anyone else who is willing to buy. For the start, we are selling our Logitech Gaming Mice – MX 500 series; a very famous and demanding gaming gear (which we bought only 1.5 years back), and a professional X7 Gaming Mouse Pad (Model: X7-801 MP, with rough and smooth surface.)

We have one MX 500, two MX 510, and two MX 518 mice. The price detail is as follows:

Logitech MX 500       — PKR 700/-              — Color: Grey
Logitech MX 510       — PKR 800/- each     — Colors: Blue, Red
Logitech MX 518       — PKR 1000/- each   — Colors: Silver
X7 Mouse Pad           — PKR 600/-               — Color: Black

We can give all six items for PKR 4,500/-. We assure you that there are no defects in the mice, and we will give you check warranty. These gaming gears (used) are hard to find, and even if you do, market price for these is quite higher than what I am offering here. Logitech MX518 mouse is PKR 1500/- in the market, so now, you know what I mean, and that my offer is fair.

X7-801MP Professional Game Mouse Pad

X7-801MP Professional Game Mouse Pad

With these, our game got a big boost, but now we believe, we are ready to go for much expensive equipment. If you are a new to playing Counter Strike, MOHAA or any other FPS game, this equipment will give you the necessary edge you need over your opponents. If you are a clan, well, you can have it all!

I live in Lahore, and would ideally like a buyer from here. If you are interested, email me.

Fix FPS for Counter Strike

I have had some problems in fixing the FPS for Counter Strike on my PC, so I searched a lot, and found some useful console commands, which helped me fix it to 100 frames per second.

How to reach the console prompt?
Launch CS, then on the main screen, press ‘~’, and you would see the console window.

Fixing FPS:
Type the following commands in the console window. To apply the command, press ‘Enter’. If your VGA card’s settings are okay, you would get the 100 FPS.

  • cl_showfps 1 [This command will display your current FPS value, normally it is 60 frames per second)
  • cl_cmdrate "101"
  • fps_max "101" [Use this to set the maximum number of frames per second]

However, if the above commands do not work, try altering the Monitor’s refresh-rate to 80-100 Hz.

Userful Server Commands:
Below are some useful server commands, which you may find helpful while playing on LAN:

  • mp_autoteambalance 0/1 [To enable/disable auto-team balance.
  • mp_forcechasecam 0/1/2

Counter Strike: SA Vs. IT clan

Speed Attackers (SA) defeated IT clan on Dust 2, in Counter Strike

Sunday, October 11, 2009 – Lahore – Gamerz Zone Arena, organized a Counter Strike (CS) 1.6 friendly match between the Speed Attackers (SA) and IT clans. De Dust 2 was the map selected for the ultimate showdown. IT clan won the toss, and chose to be Counter Terrorists (CTs) first, and SA clan had to take Terrorists (Ts), and it seemed like they were not very comfortable playing as Ts first.

The Showdown

The show started soon after the teams have configured their gaming gears and controls according to their style. The pistol round was quickly won by terrorist side, as they rushed CTs at bomb site B, and were able to plant and guard the bomb till the end of the round, however, CTs pulled it right back by winning the second round to level the scores. The fourth round of the match was a buy-up round for Ts. They successfully pulled a 2-3 Bomb site B strategy, thanks to Fl@sh, who got two kills for his teams at the very beginning of the round. However, the CTs kept the pressure on the Ts as both teams had won equal rounds till 12th round. That was when Ts shifted gears and pulled three straight round to lead by 9 rounds to 6, with the likes of D@ddy, Flashing_killer, Pheonix and Arnold. Fl@sh, who played as a sniper guy for SA clan, did well too in the final round until the switch. Speed Attackers, as CTs pulled straight 5 rounds, as they ousted their opponents with good calling and rotation. However, they quickly relinquished their lead as the other team won straight four round by rushing them. But the match was finally won by Speed Attackers by 16 rounds to 12 over the IT clan. The most kills for the SA clan were scored by Arnold, who led the team, and for the IT clan, it was Emi. It was SA clan’s first ever win in any Counter Strike match up. They deserved the win.

Team Line-ups:

Below are the team line-ups, members are arranged in alphabetical order.

Speed Attackers (SA) clan:

  • Arnold
  • D@ddy
  • Fl@sh
  • Fl@shing_killer
  • Pheonix

IT clan:

  • Agent #47
  • Emi
  • Gakker
  • Shooter
  • Umer

Meet my CS Clan

Counter Strike 1.6I’ve been playing Counter Strike for more than four years, but never actually thought of forming a clan and to participate in tournaments. However, for the last six months, my cousins and I have been working on improving our CS skill. We haven’t had any luck so far, lost a couple of tournaments, but we’re improving. We bought equipment, learned key binding, watched demos, and play on LAN for hours in a week time.

So, meet my Counter Strike 1.6 clan!!!
Name: SA [Speed Attackers]

  1. Hard Target
  2. D@ddy
  3. Fl@sh
  4. Cru$her
  5. Arnold [Lead]


  1. Flashing_killer
  2. Phoenix
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