About The Clan

Everyone plays some part in our clan, here are some of their specifications:

Arnold – The leader

Highly capable when it comes to one-on-one battle, but is likely to lose in most of the cases.

Years of experience: 6
Weapons: Shotgun, AK, M4.
Style of play: Gorilla war (hide and attack)
Blog: http://arnold.speedattackers.com
Twitter: SA_Arnold

Hardtarget – The punisher

Mostly into racing car games but sure does well when it comes to counter strike.

Years of experience: 4
Weapon: M4, Sniper
Style of play: Defensive
Blog: http://hardtarget.speedattackers.com
Twitter: SA_Hardtarget

D@ddy – The head shooter

Can shoot heads at will but is killed most of the time the same way.

Years of experience: 3
Weapon: M4, AK
Style of play: Assault
Blog: http://daddy.speedattackers.com
Twitter: SA_Daddy

Fl@sh – The backbone.

It’s a do or die situation when it comes to this guy has a reputation of winning the hard rounds and losing the easy ones.

Years of experience: 3
Weapon: M4, AK, Sniper.
Style of play: Assault.
Blog: http://flash.speedattackers.com
Twitter: SA_Flash7

Invincible – The planter

A reputation of playing with full burst he would shoot anywhere to get his man.

Years of experience: 2
Weapon: M4, AK, MP5.
Style of play: Full Assault.
Blog: http://invincible.speedattackers.com

Phoenix – The right hand

A good aim and has beaten Fl@sh in a one-on-one battle.

Years of experience: 2
Weapon: M4, AK.
Style of play: Assault.
Blog: http://phoenix.speedattackers.com
Twitter: SA_Phoenix1999

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